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Give your system a clean bill of health from the start by using True South to commission your system. Commissioning is the final verification process used to compare and confirm an installed project to its designed plans and engineering. It is the last chance to identify quality in workmanship, materials and ensures system integrity for the 25+ years lifespan of the system.

Commissioning includes, but is not limited

  • Intrinsic Plan Review

  • System Testing and Inspection

    • String level open circuit voltage test on all combiners, sub-combiners and disconnects

    • String level Imp testing on all combiners, sub-combiners and disconnects

    • Torque checks on all field connections

    • Thermal image scans

  • Inspection of all racking hardware and components for proper installation, grounding, and overall workmanship

  • Inspection of Conductors

  • Inverter efficiency and performance verification

  • Test and verify proper operability of the Monitoring System

  • Full System Performance Test with IV Curve Testing

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