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True South™ is a pioneer in operations, maintenance and independent commissioning of large commercial and utility scale solar energy facilities.  A wholly owned subsidiary of Solarrus Corporation, True South (TSR) is a nationwide company and the largest exclusive solar O & M service provider in North America.  TSR empowers system owners with peace of mind by maintaining high system availability, improving energy yields and shielding against impediments to the system’s initial return on investment. 

Established in 2008, TSR is the product of 15 years of experience in the solar industry with a long history in the engineering, procurement and construction of over 250 Megawatts in large scale solar energy facilities (SEF’s).  With the application of photovoltaic technology rapidly growing across the world, the founders of TSR identified a void existing within the industry: Large-scale SEF’s were receiving retroactive O & M while the designed lifespan of the system depended upon a proactive O & M protocol.  TSR filled this void by developing and implementing the most comprehensive and cost effective O & M protocol in the industry today. 

At the foundation of TSR stands a professional team of Administrators, Sales Personnel, Asset Managers, Admin Support and factory certified Electrical Solar Engineers and Technicians who work seamlessly to uphold our proactive O & M philosophy.  In addition to our O & M service, our expert staff offers a unique, one-stop solar solution for accurate field testing, site surveys, asset management, system commissioning and system cleaning on a site by site or portfolio basis.  With a track record of improving portfolio performance ratios by as much as 18%, TSR sets industry standards by implementing best practices, NEC, municipal codes and new technology compliances.  We believe so firmly in the success of our services that we offer system up-time and insurance against performance guarantees on select solar energy facilities.

TSR has the capacity to meet O & M needs across North America.  With our 24 hour emergency maintenance rapid response time, TSR dispatches our uniformed, factory-trained and certified technicians to SEF’s throughout North America on a daily basis.  As the industry’s largest exclusive solar O & M service provider, with a history of success and the prospect for growth, TSR is your renewable energy O & M solution.  TSR heartily welcomes the opportunity to become the O & M company developers, integrators, PPA's, EPC's, system owners and investors all come to rely on most.

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