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Shield & Protect Your Solar Power Investments

At the heart of your solar PV system is the Inverter. Our in-house factory trained and certified electrical solar technicians will conduct inverter preventative maintenance, plus visual inspections of the arrays and BOS such as: combiner boxes, disconnects and Data Acquisition Systems. With Bronze, youíre given access to our 24/7 Customer Support hotline. You will also receive a maintenance report after each site visit, as well as an annual maintenance summary report.

Preventing degradation to your systemís performance is key. The most cost effective method is to include proactive performance monitoring within your annual O&M schedule. With TSRís Silver Shield, you receive the added benefits of real-time performance monitoring and alarm triage, thermal image scans on all electrical DC wiring, inverters, E-Houses, pad mount transformers and other electrical equipment, and biannual performance reports.

TSR’s Gold Shield is the industry standard for proactive maintenance. In addition to having all the benefits
of Bronze and Silver, Gold Shield introduces annual performance testing and verification (Imp & Voc on all strings), DAS preventative maintenance & calibration, emergency response and/or dispatch within 24 hours or less, warranty compliance, and spare parts inventory management.


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